Investigation of Highly Broadb and Supercontinuum Generation in a Suspended As2Se3 Based Ridge Waveguide

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In this paper, the generation of a highly broadband supercontinuum
spectrum has numerically been investigated in a suspended As2Se3 based ridge
waveguide. By changing the dimensions of the proposed waveguide, the dispersion has
been engineered to achieve a suitable profile with the two zero-dispersion wavelengths
as well as the lower magnitude and flat anomalous dispersion regime. Due to the high
refractive index contrast between the core and cladding, the propagated light has been
highly confined in the core and as a result, a high optical nonlinear coefficient has been
obtained. Simulation results show that when the pump pulses with a width of 100 fs and
peak power of 1KW at the wavelength of 2150 nm are injected into the designed
راهنمای موج با طول 0.8 میلی متر ، ابرمتنت تولید شده را می توان در
محدوده طول موج از 1.4 تا 18μm گسترش داد. چنین ساختار راهنمای موج
برای منابع فوق پیوسته مادون قرمز درون تراشه که در
بسیاری از زمینه ها مانند توموگرافی انسجام نوری ، اثر انگشت ، طیف سنجی مولکولی
و غیره بسیار مهم است بسیار قابل استفاده است


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