Ultra- Relativistic Solitons with Opposing Behaviors in Photon Gas Plasma

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Department of Sciences, Bushehr Branch, Islamic Azad University, Bushehr, Iran


We have studied the formation of relativistic solitary waves due to nonlinear
interaction of strong electromagnetic wave with the plasma wave. Here, our plasma is
relativistic both in temperature and in streaming speed. A set of equations consisting of
scalar and vector potentials together with a third order equation for the enthalpy in
photon gas plasma is obtained analytically. Solutions with single-humped for the scalar
potential and single and double-humped for the vector potential profiles are illustrated
numerically. It is shown that the drifting velocity of moving solitons and plasma fluid
velocity both play an important role in the formation of the solutions. The results show
that the amplitude of the potentials increases for higher values of the plasma
temperatures for the region that the flow velocity of the plasma is larger than the solitary
wave velocity. For the region with larger amount of the soliton's velocity, the results
show opposite behavior. It is also found that in the region where the plasma fluid
velocity exceeds the soliton drifting velocity, all the solutions are excited at higher
temperatures relative to the other area.


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