Telepathic Communication Generation using Nano Fiber Ring

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1 Department of Engineering, University of Larestan, Lar, Iran

2 Department of Optics and Laser Engineering, Estahban Branch, Islamic Azad University, Estahban, Iran


The communication security is set up by registration during the first belief
and get in touch between two human beings. The safety codes among them are
generated and the records are blocked by these protection codes if the end user is not the
required one. On the other hand, the unlocked records are transmitted if the required end
user is confirmed by the feedback brain signals via the comments mind indicators such
as telepathic hyperlink. The specified safety codes are emerged and the records are
transmitted. Furthermore, the quantum flip-flop alerts can also be generated by way of
the usage of a coherent mild source propagates within micro-optical tool. The Rabi
oscillation frequency can be set up to start/stop the transmission bits security. The
circulation of information may be securely transmitted inside the telepathic
communication. In this study by input Gaussian pulse into nano ring resonator (NRR),
coding signal as


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