Controlling the Occurrence of Rogue Waves in an Optically Injected Semiconductor Laser via Changing The Injection Strength

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Department of Physics, Shiraz University of Technology, Shiraz, Iran


The rouge waves in an optically injected semiconductor lasers are receiving a lot of interest. In this work, the generating and controlling of the rogue waves in semiconductor lasers have been investigated. For this purpose, the laser’s rate equations are solved numerically in a specified time interval, then the field amplitude and the intensity versus time are calculated and analyzed. To solve the rate equations, the famous finite deference method (FDM) is used. Also the rouge waves are counted using the standard definition that is mentioned in the context. Furthermore, the effects of the injection strength and the detuning frequency on the rogue wave’s occurrence are studied. Results show that by increasing the injection amplitude, the number of rogue waves decreases significantly, so that rouge waves vanish at the large values of the injection amplitude. Also increasing the detuning frequency, reduces the number of rogue waves and this reduction is more sensitive at the large injection amplitude.


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